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Belgium Fuel Card

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One of Belgium’s leading
fuel card distributors

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Become a Radius Connect customer and receive up to €100 reduction!

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Offer valid until 01/31/2022
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Up to €100 reduction

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About Us

Belgium Fuel Card is one of the leading fuel card distributor in the Benelux.

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Why a fuel card?

For companies with employees on the road, fuel cards are the best available option .

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Online tracking for easy and accurate records

Manage maps

Map data on demand . Block and order cards 24/24 .


All invoices collected online.


Divide your cards into groups.

Contact us

Send us a message directly via Velocity.


Advanced transaction reports. Fuel Reports.


Available as an app for iPhone and Android.

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Discover our convenient online station finder

With our handy Station Finder email route you can instantly find a station nearby . You can also search stations along a planned route. Furthermore, you can filter by product and brand.

E-route is available as a handy app for Android and iPhone, so you can always find a station en route.

  • Your entire network in one click
  • Handy map
  • Search by city or along a route
  • Always a station nearby
  • Filter by brand and / or product
  • Available as an app for iPhone and Android
Test Drive E-route

Link your fuel card in our vehicle tracking system

Live map

Follow live where your vehicles are located

Fuel card integration

Kinesis link to your NFC / Fleet Pass card for a very precise fuel

Online tracking

See your ritgeschiedenis and the performance of your vehicles and drivers via Velocity

Fraud alerting

Get an alert when the vehicle and the fuel card is not in the same place when refueling .


Decide when a vehicle may be followed or not.

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